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Chembond nonwoven products
Meltblown Chemical Bond Thermal Point Bond Adhesive Coating

Nonwoven Innovation: Bringing New Products to Market

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Fiber Dynamics Manufactures Nonwoven Fabrics for Industrial Applications

Fiber Dynamics’ innovative solutions in meltblown fabrics, thermal point bond fabrics, and chembond fabrics work across a variety of applications from medical to filtration to automotive.

Engineering nonwoven products to meet a variety of customer needs, FDI readily constructs products for single-use, such as medical wipes, as well as those designed to last for many years, like our automotive nonwoven products.

The experienced staff at FDI deftly navigates challenging projects with very specific requirements, handling a multitude of job sizes with a team dedicated to finding expert solutions for our customers. 

In short, FDI manufactures cost-effective quality nonwoven products that are delivered on time, every time.

We call it the FDI difference. 

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